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Return Policy

Due to the intimate nature of our products, we are unable to accept returns. The exception to this rule is when an item arrives damaged or faulty. In the unlikely event that you do receive a damaged or defective item, please read below for details as to how we will rectify this for you.

Incorrect Product Ordered – to protect the health of our employees and customers, we cannot exchange toys or intimate apparel (including, but not limited to, lingerie, thongs, massagers, liquids, etc. ) it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they are ordering the correct product.

Change of Mind – All Sales are FINAL.  Items purchased, once the shipping box has been received and opened, items may not be returned or exchanged.


DVD's, Blu-ray and 4K videos are NOT exchangeable unless the disk is defective. Due to sensitivities of certain DVD, Blu-ray and 4K players, it may be the machine that the disk is being used in that causes issue. We do ask that if you experience an issue with a disk in one DVD player, that you try a different machine prior to requesting an exchange. Any defective DVD, Blu-ray or 4K video may be exchanged for the same title and format. Please be aware that all stated running times are approximations and although production companies do make every effort to ensure they are exact, we cannot guarantee their accuracy. Therefore, a running time discrepancy with any DVD, Blu-ray or 4K title is not considered a defect or a reason for a return. Please email customer service giving your order number, product name and a brief description of the issue.


Warranty – Please Read Carefully

Explorotica maintains a warranty for Explorotica manufactured items only.

Customer service representatives are available Mon-Fri only.

You will need the following to process a warranty request:

- Your name and address
- Picture of the receipt
- The name of the product
- A descriptive sentence or two about nature of the issue.

** Non-motorized items - 30-day manufacturer warranty (from date of purchase)
** Battery operated items - 90-day manufacturer warranty (from date of purchase)
** Rechargeable items - 1-year manufacturer warranty (from date of purchase)
** We do not offer satisfaction returns.  We kindly advise that you carefully research all information about your product before purchasing.
** Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer, should we require the defective item in question to be returned.
** No Refunds are given; replacement of the same item will be sent.

When a claim is filed within the warranty period, and is deemed a manufacturer defect, a replacement piece of the SAME model will be tested and sent to the address provided.

If you are experiencing a manufacturer defect with another manufacturer, please contact the manufacturer directly for their warranty process. This can be found on their packaging or by a quick google search of the manufacturer or UPC.

You may be asked to register your product, produce a receipt, for proof of purchase or photographs of the item you purchased.  In some instances, you may be required to return a defective item. 

**Not every product has a warranty** 


Toys & Lingerie

Because of their very personal nature, we are unable to accept returns for sex toys, lubes, equipment, lingerie & accessories. Many of our manufacturers offer more extensive product warranties when you register eligible products with them. We strongly recommend that our customers register all eligible products in circumstances where faults are covered by those manufacturer warranties. In the unlikely event that you receive a damaged or defective product from us, we will exchange it for an exact replacement. Please email customer service giving your order number, product name and a brief description of the issue.